Chapter 1

Moving QuestionsSimplifying or Moving? Questions to Ask at Various Stages  

Here are some questions you may have in general:

  • Do I own multiple household items stored in different places?
  • Do I need/use everything I have?
  • Am I keeping “things” out of guilt? Am I able to decide what to keep/not keep?
  • How can I balance getting my home decluttered and organized while continuing my everyday life with my family and career?
  • How can I ensure that I know and can do everything that needs to be done for my impending move, without incurring significant surprises?
  • How will I be able to get settled into my new home quickly?

Here are questions that seniors may have:

  • Is my house too big or too expensive for me to keep up?
  • Do I need assistance with tasks such as walking, dressing, taking medications, preparing meals, yard work, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping or other errands?
  • Can I manage the administration of paying routine bills?
  • Is this a good time to move, re season, market good for home selling, or available family help?
  • Do I need help in deciding a short list of places with amenities where I may like to live, as well as the financial arrangements and differences between communities that I can afford?

Next Chapter MovesSM offers services to help you downsize, declutter, organize, clean, shred, share and more…all in an environment that you control. And if you are a senior, we even help you weigh your housing options. For a detailed list of the services we offer, visit our Services page.