Chapter 2

Creating the Plan; Turning the Page

Through sound project management principles, Next Chapter MovesSM has created a transition system that takes a time-consuming and sometimes complicated process, and reshapes the feeling of being “overwhelmed,” and turns it into “peace of mind.”

To do listIt’s easy to get started:

  1. Review services offered
  2. Contact Next Chapter Moves
  3. Schedule a home visit/consultation
  4. Discuss high level needs
  5. Tour home
  6. Discuss unique needs
  7. Agree on a go-forward plan based on your needs
  8. Get to work on your next chapter!

Our pricing is based on an hourly rate that reflects the number of staff needed for the move and the scope of services provided. If requested, an estimate can be provided after our initial consultation. The first consultation hour can be applied towards services purchased.

Communication and project management are keys to our mutual success. Because so much is going on during each move, great care is made in planning next steps and keeping everyone informed, ensuring everyone moves forward towards their goal.

Contact us today to begin the conversation.