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Holiday Planning Tips

As an organizer and project management professional, people ask me for tips, especially during the holidays when some can feel the stress of the holidays versus the joy of the season. Here are some planning tips and an easy-to-use budgeting tool, along with a handy infographic, to help you get through the holidays unscathed!

Clear the Clutter: What To Do with All That Paper

Paper was everywhere. In piles, on cabinetry and countertops, on the couch, on the bed, and even on the floor. When I spoke with my client, she asked me to write everything down on paper so she could save it and review it later. My question to the client? How much time do you spend […]

Moving on to What’s Next

2018 Currents Magazine Best of the Lake issue highlights how Next Chapter Moves helps with life’s transitions. We help those who are “overwhelmed” with decision fatigue and physical moving. See page 20 for more.

Lighten Your Load: Consider Tips to Start Decluttering

As posted in the Seniors Section of the Herald Citizen, here are tips on how to approach decluttering. “Let’s gift these items to our children.” “My train set needs to stay in the family.” “They’ll learn to appreciate my Hummel collection.” “They’ll need this one day.” These are all things I’ve heard seniors say when […]

Acceptance: “Happy In Spite of” vs. “Happy If Only”

I recently spoke about “Building Trust: Brain Clues and Body Language” at the 2018 National Association of Senior Move Manager’s (NASMM) conference in Jacksonville, FL. My presentation covered topics that I’ve been researching since early in my career in Fortune 250 Companies. My interest started with neuro linguistic programming, then body language, and now I’m […]

I Wish I Would Have Known…

Life takes twists and turns, many times towards unexpected paths. Through marriage, blended families, home ownership, careers, children, pets, hobbies, moves, health, travel, and retirement – just to name a few – life can get messy and complicated. But joy can also be found on the next page of your adventure. But first, a few […]

Ground Zero: The Stress that Comes from Change

Much has been written about the most stressful events in life. In fact, two doctors from the University of Washington’s medical school created a weighted scale for measuring stress in terms of 43 “life events.” Change in residence ranked number 32; however, multiple events may also impact a residential change, including death of a spouse, […]