Next Chapter MovesSM helps people turn the page – whether that’s simplifying your life via decluttering, organizing, cleaning, shredding, or sharing … or physically moving locations. Consider us your extended family. Your problem solver. Your advocate.

On top of all this, Next Chapter Moves provides peace of mind. We are bonded, insured and adhere to an industry code of ethics.


Even if you’re not moving, we provide services that help you achieve sustainable peace of mind via a three-step, sequential process.

For details on how we can help simplify your life, click on each section below:

  1. 1
    + Eliminate

    • Handle donations, profitably dispose of unwanted belongings, provide haul-away services
    • Ship items to family members
    • Arrange confidential document shredding

  2. 2
    + Categorize

    • Record inventory
    • Address and arrange storage
    • Arrange document scanning
    • Measure furniture & document for future move or insurance purposes

  3. 3
    + Organize

    • Reposition room furnishings for functionality and aesthetics
    • Strategically position household items


Moving ServicesSo much goes into a move, both physically and emotionally. On the physical side, long days, packing and heavy lifting. On the emotional side, wading through years of memories and decluttering. There’s also planning and coordinating schedules. At some point, “decision fatigue” sets in. However, decisions must be constantly made, including the logical and effective sequencing of these activities.

Next Chapter MovesSM provides professionals who specialize in assisting families with making significant life transitions. We help simplify the moving process by providing the services that are needed before, during and after a move. We are your advocate – as much or as little as you’d like – throughout the process.

See how we can help you transition from one chapter to the next by clicking on each section below.

Pre-Move Services

  1. + Eliminate

    • Handle donations, profitably dispose of unwanted belongings, provide haul-away services
    • Ship items to family members
    • Arrange document shredding

  2. + Categorize

    • Record inventory
    • Address and arrange storage

  3. + Organize

    • Plan timeline
    • Interview and schedule mover
    • Arrange packing
    • Schedule day-of-move pet care
    • Arrange customer activity outside of home
    • Arrange existing furniture or staging for home sale
    • Measure furniture & develop new home floorplan
    • Provide change of address notification
    • Transfer utilities
    • Arrange cleaning for vacant residence
    • Arrange cleaning for new home
    • Draft and distribute neighbor note

Moving Day

  1. + Onsite Support

    • Provide customer support
    • Monitor/oversee movers

Home Sweet New-Home Services

  1. + Organize

    • Unpack
    • Arrange furniture
    • Remove packing supplies
    • Set up critical rooms: bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen –or– all rooms
    • Create new home cheat sheet
    • Install shelf liners
    • Shop for groceries
    • Coordinate electronics set up
    • Coordinate phone/internet/TV set up
    • Provide friends/family change of address notifications package
    • Follow-up with any mover issues, e.g., damage claims, etc.

If you are a senior who may not be ready to move, but are just thinking about it, we can provide you with options and comparisons to help you deal with what’s involved, how to evaluate your choices, and how long you’ll need to plan your next chapter. There’s no obligation beyond the consultation.

Contact Us today to turn the page to your next chapter in life.