Why Move Management / Why Us

Next Chapter MovesSM:

  • Makes moving a more pleasant and less stressful experience
  • Helps minimize the burden of “stuff”
  • Puts people at ease
  • Helps people acclimate to their new chapter in life
  • Minimizes worry, especially on things you didn’t know that you didn’t know
  • Provides you with a resource-rich customer advocate
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Provides sound decision-making
  • Provides gift of time to children/caregiver to care for parent, elderly relative
  • Reduces anxiety for one of life’s most stressful events
  • Helps provide “appreciation” network for cherished belongings (e.g., silver, crystal, china, collections, art)
  • Helps you target the buyer who will purchase your house via decluttering and staging
  • Helps provide a streamlined moving/sales process

Next Chapter Moves Apron

When and Where We Can Help With Your Next Chapter

If You:

  • Don’t have time to work and/or take care of your family, plus organize a move
  • Are moving to a retirement/assisted living community
  • Need to downsize
  • Would like to simplify and organize your home
  • Can’t keep up with both inside and outside maintenance
  • Believe repairs are beyond your control
  • Don’t have the energy to tackle all the move to-dos
  • Are moving and you don’t know where to start
  • Have had your health change
  • Have recently lost a life partner
  • Are a caregiver, and don’t have extra time
  • Need to clean out a home to get it on the market
  • Don’t have surviving children or your children may already be older adults who aren’t in the position to help

If Your Parents or Loved One(s):

  • Are moving to a retirement/community care/assisted living community
  • Are moving and you don’t have the time and emotional resources available to assist
  • Are moving and you are geographically challenged

We are here to help you and/or your loved ones! Contact us today to get started towards reaching your next chapter goal in life.